Patient Participation Group

Minutes Patient Participation Meeting January 2017 Thank you to the most recent members of our Patient Participation Group, minutes of our most recent meeting are attached. We are always looking for new members, please let reception know if you would like to take part.

The practice has a formal complaints procedure, if you do have any reason to complain please ask to speak to the Practice Manager or any of the Doctors.

Developing our Patient Participation Group

Our Patient Participation Group has been going for the past 2 years, communicating regularly on ways we can improve our practice. This year we were keen to develop the group, encouraging new people to join and carrying out a new survey.

 We wanted our group to be representative of the whole practice so advertised widely with posters in the waiting room and on our doors. We also advertised online and on our prescriptions. The plan was for the group to meet formally every 6 months, but we also made our Practice Survey available online and in reception. This was done so that people with limited time could also take part.

Once each survey and discussion has taken place we will post our results online and make them available through reception also. The results will also include our plan on how we will endeavour to improve our service in areas problems were raised.

Practice Plan: in Response to Patient Participation Group Meeting  – January 2014

We value all feedback from our patients and try to act on suggestions.

The problem that came up most was the difficulty in booking an appointment with a nurse. We do recognise that due to changes in staff we have been short of nurse appointments. Our new Practice Nurse Kristy has been undergoing extensive training this year, as this finishes the number of appointments with her will increase. We hope this will alleviate the deficit in nurse appointment, but if it does not we will look to increase the nurse appointment time available.

Trying to get through on the phone at busy times is a longstanding problem. We have recently recruited a new receptionist, introduced online booking and prescription requests and we also plan to add an additional phone line in the near future. Although this may not completely prevent a short wait at our busiest time we do hope that this will improve things.

Our first flu clinic this year ran smoothly, but the second was a little more chaotic. For the 2014 flu season we will try and improve the running of this. We will change how people book in and queue and also spread arrival times more.

The final issue raised was the consent to share health records. It was felt that the form sent was confusing. We agree with this, but unfortunately this is sent from Central Government and we have no say as to how this is presented, but we can feedback on this issue.

Minutes of Patient Participation Group – 13th January 2014

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Results of the Practice Patient Survey

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